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Target your ads to people looking for things you offer and maximize your ROI on the fly!

Connected to over 2,000,000 publishers worldwide


Easy to use platform allows you to set up a display campaign within minutes.


Real-time bidding system will automatically optimize your campaign.


Artificial intelligence targets the customers interested in your business.

How it works

Ad targeting

Enter the name, location (country, region, city or part of a town) and budget for your campaign and choose the target groups based on their field of interests. Frank´s artificial intelligence will target your specific audience.

How Frank works
How Frank works


Upload your ads. They can be banners of all commonly used sizes and types (.jpg, .png, .gif). If you need help with creating banners, let us know - we can also make banners for your campaign!

Campaign launch

Review all the information in your ad campaign, enter your payment details and launch it with a mouse-click! Frank takes over from there and optimizes your ad campaign in real-time to guarantee the best results.

How Frank works
How Frank works

Campaign report

You can monitor your ad campaign in real-time and after it's done we will email you an automated PDF report of the results.

Real-time media buying

Frank is connected to all the largest publishers.

Frank buys media in real-time with the lowest price.

Frank shows ads to right target groups at the right time.

How Frank works

What Our Clients Say

ROI is off the charts. You typically see 3 – 5x return on spend with this sort of tool but with Frank AI we were getting at least a 10x return.

Oscar Pedroso

Founder at Thimble

It seemed like almost overnight, we started using Frank AI and next thing we know, clicks are through the roof and our cost per click is way down. To say they “Optimized” our ad-spend is the understatement of the century!



Debbie Cokes

Founder at RxCBD

I’ve tried Facebook and Google and they just didn’t give me the type of results that, to me, justified me giving up so much of my valuable time and money. I was considering hiring someone to do my marketing for me, but luckily I found Frank first. It was so easy to start, I stay in complete control, and the customers keep on finding their way to my site. I’m absolutely thrilled!

Trevor Cobb

Founder and Bramble Outdoor

Thanks to Frank. I’m able to intelligently find the right people for the right house, and my clients are so impressed they think I’ve been in the business for two decades, instead of just two years.

Emma Guardia

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

I like to be in control. That’s a big part of the reason I’m a serial entrepreneur my whole life. And that need to be in control of factors, especially when/where/how I’m spending my money, makes Frank my new best friend. I know exactly how I’m spending my campaign budget, and after it’s all done, I know exactly what the results were. The best part is, I know how I can improve next time around.

Martin Kawalski

CEO at Snowcookie

I love the philosophy behind Frank. They’re frank with me about my ad campaigns… where I should be spending money, where I can cut back… they even told me my display banners sucked (right before they offered to improve them, free of charge). They’re no-bullshit approach to advertising is so refreshing after a career spent dealing with all the ass-kissing from expensive agencies. Try Frank, you’ll be so glad you did.

Clint Nelsen

Founder at JETTi Adventure Vans

Anyone running a startup knows that by the time the monthly bills are paid, the funds left over for marketing are… minimal, at best. With Frank, I just took the little I had, and thanks to the report, I know what changes to make so I’m even more successful with next month’s budget!

Cory Warfield

Founder at ShedWool

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