5 Ways to Boost Your Online Advertising Campaigns

Published on June 20, 2018 in Frank Blog


The Internet is a big marketplace. The number of businesses that are populating the online space is getting bigger day by day. Given that growing sales figures is in the primary focus of a digital marketer, it’s hardly a surprise to see businesses competing for the customer’s attention by looking for new advertising tools to acquire a chunk of the interested customer base.

Best Advertising Tools for Small Businesses

Crafting a well-planned marketing campaign can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve just started a small business. How can you be sure which are the best advertising tools to get your hands on?

In the multitude of choices, there are a number of direct route tools that can help you breathe more easily as you’re getting started. Although not every business is the same, if you concentrate on putting at least the basics on a firm ground, you’ll get a solid base of online advertising tools you’ll be able to build upon as your business grows.

Here is an essential tip to keep in mind during this process – no matter what’s your preferred choice, always keep track of your marketing campaign numbers by using an analytics tool. It will help you set your priorities straight and prevent needless investments of time and money into advertising tools that can’t deliver what they’ve promised or just aren’t a good match for your business.

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5 Online Advertising Classics

For a small business, a strong start means a lot. These five digital advertising tools are an effective way to connect with your customer base and make an impact on an overwhelmed market right from the beginning.  

Video Campaigns

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach out to your target audience, one that will hit more than just campaign goal.

People are visual creatures. A video campaign can include strong wording accompanied by compelling visuals. It can run on a number of channels, reinforcing the brand message. When you see a real person in a business message, you instantly feel a rapport that’s difficult to built with alternative online advertising tools.

5 online advertising classics

A video increases trustworthiness and demonstrates the best features of a product or a service in a much better way than plain text or static images. Video dynamics moves and inspires so customers are more likely to stick until the end of the campaign message and make a decision to purchase. Think of it this way – not many people like reading books, but almost everyone enjoys a good movie!

Run a Blog

Simply put, if videos are illustrated short stories, a blog is the novel of marketing. A blog is an excellent chance to:

  • Tell the stories around your product.
  • Deliver valuable information to your customers.
  • Validate your expert position in a niche.

If you invest in a blog by offering precious insights that will help your customers solve a problem, you’ll not only gain followers that convert to loyal customers, but you’ll also do informal networking. Blogging is a potent advertising tool for small business to get a good starting position in the huge Internet space as it enables casting the widest net possible.

Given that a blog is a great place to link to other content – from social media channels, for example – you have hundreds of ways to get creative and design a flawless customer journey. Regularly update your blog content, reach out to guest post in your niche and invite others to write for your blog.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, boosting other people’s content can also boost your own business growth.

how to run a blog

Social Media Marketing

Setting a social media account is a no-brainer. But how do you exactly nudge your followers to share the content on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? If your social media content gets shared, search engines rank your website higher. The more people trust and find value in the content, the higher that rank will go. And, we know that that means for revenues: all the way up.

Making people share is a bit tricky – after all, it’s not so simple to develop share-worthy content. However, there is always something that works, for instance:

  • Asking people a yes or no question.
  • Letting them cast a vote on a popular debate issue.
  • Deciding on something as simple as a choice between two food preferences.

It’s also important to know how to sell a great offer with a compelling CTA. You can create a sense of urgency with time-based campaigns or by offering great discounts or sharing incentives. These actions are considered classic in digital advertising tools, but it’s very likely that they’ve stood up the test of time as they work effectively every time.

Social media marketing has also evolved into other forms such as influencer marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns involve finding instagram influencers (or creators on any other social media platform) and having them promote your product to their audience. Because these creators are trusted by their audience, they are often very receptive to recommendations

Social media marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

With no experience in developing marketing campaigns, pay per click advertising tools can create more questions than answers. Yet pay per click is a substantial advertising tool to help you spread brand awareness and bring more targeted leads on board.

Successful pay per click campaigns are made with the target audience in focus. Get to know your target audience in depth by pondering about their preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as the age demographic. It will be easier to include the right imagery and to craft catchy lines later.

The more selective you are in defining your ideal customer, the more precise will be your keyword selection. While you choose the keywords to include in the pay per click message, don’t forget about your business model and values in order to draft relevant content.    

Mobile Marketing

These days, it’s almost impossible to run an advertising campaign without including mobile marketing. People spend over 4 hours per day on their smartphones. Therefore, mobile marketing is slowly turning into the best advertising tool for several reasons:

  • Allows maintaining open communication lines with your customers
  • It’s indexed in search engines
  • It’s found its way on websites, emails, and as an in-app tool.

A mobile message can some as a push notification, as an SMS or as a mobile ad. People find it easy to shop on mobiles, switching between e-commerce stores and apps. They even do online shopping while in the actual store because they can avoid waiting in lines. There is a lot of convenience attached to mobile phones. If this upward trend of mobile marketing continues, we will be looking into a future where smartphones reach a cult position among the many online advertising tools.

When setting up your first campaign, you can’t go wrong with these digital marketing classics. Still, it’s good to start thinking about introducing some new ones as you get more skilled and see the first positive results of the tracking and analytics tools. Boosting those numbers is a constant challenge, one that will get easier as you learn and understand that digital marketing is always exciting and always stressful.

If you want to shake a bit of that stress off, it’s time to check what an intelligent digital advertising tool like Frank can do for your business growth!    


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