Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all things Frank-related. Still looking for answers? Drop us a line!

Why cannot I promote less than 1 week?

It is pointless to run a campaign for shorter than a week and expect results. That is why 1 week is the bare minimum testing period, and that is also how we bill you. However, we do recommend to run 1-to-2-month-long test campaigns for measuring proper results.

How am I billed?

You are billed on a weekly basis according to your daily budget. For example: You launch a campaign for 2 weeks with a $50 daily budget, and we charge you $350 for the first week and $350 for the second week.

If your campaign has no end date, we charge an amount equal to 1 week’s total budget upfront (based on the daily limit). This process is repeated every week as soons as the budget ends for the current week. For example: You launch an ongoing campaign with a $40 daily budget, and we bill you $280. Then on the 7th day, when your budget is almost over, the system will bill you again for the next week.

I want to change or edit some things in the campaign, how do I do it?

You will be able to edit your creatives, budget and dates. If you want to edit anything else, please contact your account manager.

Is it safe to share client information?

We do not disclose your information to public or use it in any way to violate privacy policy. Therefore, it is completely safe to share your clients information, as we may only collect it to optimize the system.

Why should I use Frank?

Frank is the easiest way to start your online campaign. Frank is connected to a lot of sites and offers a wide variety of targeting methods. The best thing about Frank is that you can do cross-channel advertising in a few simple steps. Frank will optimize your campaign to get the best results. You have an informative dashboard to show the status of the campaign and for you to make decisions based on that.

What’s the optimal campaign budget?

Campaign budget is a dependent variable which will change according to market, industry and length of the campaign. If you are not sure about the correct budget, simply select the minimum budget allowed in our system and consult us for more details.

What channels can we use with Frank?

At the moment, you can launch campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network. However, we are expanding, and very soon you will have the option to launch in other places, like Programmatic and Google Search.

Which locations can I target?

Frank covers virtually every location in the world. This means you can target from the smallest town to the largest countries.

What does a Programmatic Platform mean?

A Programmatic Platform, or a demand-side platform (DSP), is a system that connects Frank to multiple ad exchanges. Modern digital advertising is brought through those exchanges (like stock exchanges): about 2 million websites worldwide sell their banner spaces on the exchanges that Frank is connected to. Frank uses real-time bidding on those exchanges to target your customers with your ads at the best price possible. It’s a system big corporations have used for years, but Frank wants you to benefit from that technology as well.

What target group should I choose?

First, think how you would describe your customers. Then, think of other connections that might affect your customer. If you combine these 2 factors, you should have a good target group already. If you are still not sure, simply consult one of our online marketing experts.

How long does it take to start the campaign?

As you are setting up the campaign, we will ask for some simple accesses. We would need some short time to set up the tracking, and then we are ready to go. Note that if you do not have any creative materials, we can do that super fast as well. In general, if you want us to measure specific goals on your website, it can take up to 1 day. Otherwise, it can be launched faster depending on the approval time of the ads.

Do I need to have banners to create the campaign?

You can create a campaign whether you have banners or not, because we can create them for you for free! But if you already have some banners which can be used, you can upload them. Our platform accepts the following sizes: 300×250, 160×600, 728×90, 468×60, 320×50, 336×280, 120×600, 300×600, 970×90, 320×100, 970×250, 980×120, 930×180 and 1200×628. The banners you upload should be either static images (.jpeg, .png, etc.) or animated images (.gif). Note that we will give 2 ad variations for free, so you can use them if you like. Unfortunately, we do not edit the banners.

Where can I see the stats and results of the campaign?

During the campaign, you can see, via your dashboard, how well the campaign is doing. After the campaign, we will send a detailed report that can help you plan future campaigns.

What if the whole budget cannot be depleted?

If you have set budget that Frank cannot successfully spend, it stays in your account. If you want to start another campaign, you can use this amount. If you want to stop working with Frank, he can refund.

Do I need to pay a monthly fee to use your platform?

You will not have to pay any fixed monthly fees to access our systems.

Do I need to have a minimum budget spent to use your platform?

The minimum budget is 30 USD/EUR, as it is hard to see any results below this amount.

Can I cancel my campaign?

Yes, you can pause or cancel your campaign anytime you want.