How to Do Programmatic Marketing?

Published on August 16, 2018 in Frank Blog

How to Do Programmatic Marketing?

One of the best ways to become an expert in an area is to start digesting the basics. The same goes for digital marketing methods. In order to be able to do it like a pro, you first need to know what is programmatic marketing and learn more about its “whys”. Only then you’ll be able to get the hang of its strategic “hows”.

Programmatic marketing or programmatic advertising is a way to automate your digital marketing campaigns by letting the software do the ad bidding and buying process for you. It’s a powerful human-computer interaction in which you launch and enhance campaigns while the intelligent applications monitor performance and suggest improvements.

But, how much of your daily tasks as a marketer can a computer really do? Have programmatic advertising platforms really become so sophisticated so that you can sit, relax, and rest on the laurels of the job completed by a computer? In a way – yes.

Programmatic ad buying has freed so much of the online advertiser’s schedule that it has removed most of the automation processes from people’s hands. Although ad campaign optimization and improvement is still a human task, with programmatic buying you can save up to 30 percent of your time, especially if you include powerful technologies such as AI into the programmatic marketing model.  

Why is Programmatic Advertising Beneficial?

Time and cost savings are not the only reasons why you should be interested in the workings of programmatic marketing. Because it reaps instant and cumulative benefits, this method will overhaul your business in more than one way:

  • Target the right customer, at the right time, in the right place, and, in turn, scale down human errors.
  • Help you focus on marketing strategy rather than spend minutes and hours on little things like insertion orders.
  • Reduce overall costs as a result of fewer people being involved in the entire sales process.
  • Design a precise ad matching process which attracts the audience most likely to hit the “buy” button.
  • Keeps both ad users and ad publishers happy by speeding up page loading time.

Why is Programmatic Advertising Beneficial?

Naturally, the innovative solution is not without its challenges. Programmatic advertising companies still need to pay attention to how they execute campaigns for sensitive brands, how they implement cookie tracking across devices into the gathered insights and find ways to deal with the nagging pain of digital advertising – ad fraud. Despite these challenges, you should consider choosing a programmatic ad buying model that best suits your business niche, your budget and your level of experience in order to reap most of the above benefits.

How to Do Programmatic Marketing with Aplomb?

According to Google, here is what you need to do in order to do programmatic ad buying successfully:

1. Tap into audience insights.

You can never know too much about your audience. So, this should be your primary task when getting started. But you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Programmatic ad buying combined with automation and machine learning technologies can help you monitor past successful campaigns and use the insights to develop new ones with the same powerful impact.

2. Craft a compelling story.

Programmatic marketing tools can help you be more efficient. However, it’s the story that guides a user through the buying journey. Therefore, don’t forget to dedicate time to make a compelling creative. After all, it’s unlikely that a computer can outdo you in this area and – isn’t this the most entertaining stage of developing a marketing campaign?

3. Implement cross-channel marketing.

Today’s quality-hungry customers ask for product and service variability, as well as for fast delivery. It’s not so simple to keep up with the growing demands. Therefore, incorporate cross-channel methods into your programmatic advertising to reach out to as many relevant customers in real-time. This can be done without sacrificing bits of data that could get lost in the splits and cracks between channels, demographics, and time.

4. Integrate various devices.

More devices enable greater reach and flexibility. With programmatic video advertising and programmatic television buying, you can reach out to a bunch of potential new customers on TV and video displays in open public spaces. You can also create your campaigns around most lucrative screens, including mobiles and tablets, which are growing increasingly important as people like communicating with brands on the go.

5. Measure with ease.

To translate the most beneficial customer touchpoints with your brand into buying decisions, you need to have quick access to real-time data and be able to act upon the gathered insights without hesitation. Programmatic advertising buying goes beyond ad views and clicks, collecting and analyzing aggregate data on the basis of all personally identifiable information about your customers. You’ll be able to extract valuable data and use it for data-driven attribution about most successful campaigns, keywords, and ads across multiple business brands.

By getting to the bottom of these five crucial elements of programmatic marketing, you’ll become better equipped while stepping toward a marketing-convergent future. As a part of this shift, customers progressively get in touch with brands at multiple touchpoints. Doing so, they leave data bits and nuggets at many of those points. Brands that can carry the load of this widespread information surge will have a competitive advantage over others. Programmatic marketing is one promising way to capitalize on these precious insights.

Have you thought of improving your ad presence by using programmatic marketing platforms? Let us know and we’ll jump in to see what we can do for you!  


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