How to Future-Proof Your Advertising with AI and Machine Learning

Published on May 3, 2018 in Frank Blog


Has your newsfeed turned into a personal shopping assistant?

Ads you get to see while browsing on websites, scrolling through social media or searching for information have grown into precise tools for delivering the ideal, if not the exact product or service you have been looking for.

If you are wondering how do search engines know so much about you, here is an insight – the culprit is AI marketing automation. In a similar way artificial intelligence and machine learning have overhauled multiple industries, AI in marketing is placing a new and improved focus on digital advertising.

Do You Face Any of These Challenges?

Getting the hang of a marketing project is a tough nut to crack for digital advertisers. You try to keep everyone on board happy, think of your boss and your customers and, at the same time, try to find your rightful place in search engines to maximize your advertising efforts.

When you delegate repetitive tasks with serious data input to a machine brain, things get solved much faster.

How Can Your Advertising Benefit from AI Marketing Automation

The whos, whys, and whens of user behavior have been optimized with sophisticated AI marketing software that outperforms human actions in areas like predictive analytics and media buying.

For solving problems with multiple variables, you’ve got to give it to machines – they are capable of finding patterns and correlations much faster than people can, in turn drawing better conclusions and helping you achieve excellent ROI rates in your digital marketing campaigns.  


Although this upward trend in AI advertising is popular with large corporations more than it is for smaller companies, things are changing fast:

  • 72 percent of business leaders believe that AI marketing is going to bring a fundamental advantage to future businesses.  
  • 38 percent of customers believe in better customer support because of AI, and
  • 47 percent of companies with advanced marketing strategies have included AI marketing tools.

If you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, here are some of the key benefits of AI and machine learning you can keep in mind before you say goodbye to complex data spreadsheets:

1. Auto-optimization.

AI marketing software basically works in the same way as an experienced buyer with one crucial difference: the optimizations a buyer would achieve are less functional and require more work for more accurate results.

With machine learning, you can get progressive optimization results because of AI’s capability to collect, analyze, and learn from results. Faster learning from past successful campaigns is one of the key benefits of AI advertising; each new campaign is more successful than the old one since AI tools can detect patterns that the human brain cannot.

2. Cross-platform advertising.

One of the toughest challenges for advertisers is choosing the best platform to concentrate on. Trends are being set and broken all the time. What may work for one business won’t automatically work for another in the same industry.

On top of that, customer habits are evolving, too – they are increasingly demanding and have a lower tolerance to the time spent on finding the right product. Most of them would like to get the same results on their PCs and on their smartphones.

Choosing the right platform often turns into a rat race. With AI marketing tools, you can create propensity models that define the best likelihood of connecting the right customers with the right products on the right platforms.

3. Proactive sales.

If you are a large company with thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of customers, your marketing campaign efforts may get lost in the bulk of various channels to reach out to the right people.

To really fine-tune how you spend your advertising budget, it’s no longer sufficient to rely on conventional marketing models. Bits and pieces are lost in the overwhelming amounts of user data and global markets. Even if you are a startup with a modest array of products or services, once you get them online, search engine algorithms consider you as a player on a single market. AI and marketing work so amazingly well together because they help you become a proactive seller by replicating and automating user behavior on a large scale, yet more effectively and with fewer costs.  

4. Dynamic creatives.

The creative is the key element of a digital ad campaign. Many digital advertisers have spent precious hours in testing the right creative, fixing what doesn’t work, and investing in the best-performing option. These processes require careful planning and analysis to create the right creative for optimal campaign performance.

In this sense, AI for marketing is a time-saver. It does the legwork for you, keeping you free from manual labor, and letting you make the “real” marketing decisions, in which the human input is indispensable. AI marketing software can even provide free creatives, helping you analyze a number of alternatives before finding the best one for your company.

5. Better reporting formats.

If you use several marketing platforms, you are most likely used to getting a pair of bloodshot eyes by the end of the working day.

Having to look at dozens of small cells with data from comprehensive spreadsheets puts a real strain not only on your eyes, but also on your brain. With AI, the data mess from various reporting formats is made simple and clear.

AI advertising is like the analysis expert you always wanted to have, but thought it was impossible to find it in human shape. In a way, you were right: no media buyer can perform the same calculations as an AI marketing tool can. Therefore, you’ll get more time for building strategies while leaving the numbers to a smart automation tool.    

Conclusion: If you thought that AI marketing software is complex, it’s time to debunk the myth: its purpose is not to create more problems than it solves. In fact, most solutions are easy-to-use for any person and will really reshape the way you think about channeling your products to the right customers.

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