Learn Best Practices of Cross-Channel Marketing

Published on June 12, 2018 in Frank Blog

Learn Best Practices of Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing is an advertising system you won’t be able to bypass in a short time, as more facts and numbers showcase its competitive edge over conventional marketing methods.

Reaping the benefits of this unifying marketing method is much easier if you clarify what is cross-channel marketing, as well as read more about the important statistics that are changing the efficiency of the many ways you use to reach out to your audience.

Here is an instant eye opener – nearly half of the shoppers will readily share personal data to get a more personalized customer service. But – that’s not all, folks! Cross-channel marketing enables consistent customer experience and boosts customer retention. Customers are willing to spend more when they encounter an omni-channel service.

Each of these factors is a worthwhile gem that has instigated some of the best practices you need to pay attention to while crafting an innovative cross-channel advertising plan.

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The Tried-and-tested Approach to Cross-channel Message Outreach

Even if you don’t use a cross-channel marketing software or another CRM automation tool, you definitely use more than one advertising channel. Mono-channel systems just don’t exist anymore.

As you grow your business, you need to grow the number of your touchpoints in proportion to the number of customer purchasing channels. If one channel fails, you can pick up and emphasize another. By trying them all, one by one or by analyzing them as pairs or in groups, you will gain insights into which is the best one.

For instance, if you are testing an email campaign, you will most likely use an email marketing automation software. But what will you do in case of low open rates for that particular campaign?

When your email messages didn’t hit the target after prolonged A/B testing, you can try alternative messaging channels. For example, go for in-app messages, initiate a website chat or use social media outreach. If the initial communication channel gets you only 10 percent of open emails, you can try getting that number higher in a day or two by testing the alternative message channels. You can use the remaining 90 percent to acquire extra customers just because you’ve hit a soft spot with the right channel.

Be a Step Ahead of Customers on Their Journey

Implementing an omni-channel customer experience is not the single factor you need to key in. To maximize the campaign results, you also need to do it in an order of preference.

There is a certain magic in the order you use the cross-channel marketing tools on your audience because not all channels possess the same performance capacity for each stage of the customer journey.

By designing a timeline framework for the customer journey, you’ll have a better idea of the most auspicious moments for pushing forward with a specific channel. The framework should be designed with an awareness of all channels you have at your disposal in order to acquire, nurture, and grow your audience base – social media, email marketing, display ads, in-app messaging, videos, website content, to name just a few of the bountiful resources you can use to strut your brand message.

Now – there are certain standards that marketers like using when choosing the best channel (or the best combination of channels) for a cross-channel message. However, with an outside-the-box thinking approach that can be generated by sophisticated AI cross-channel advertising tools, you will unveil hidden facts and figures that will help you offer fresh inspiration and an intriguing product aspect to your customers.

Knit your story within the channel context by letting your customers learn something new from each channel, and you are more likely to raise those conversion rates.   

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice

Don’t forget about staying consistent. This practice cannot be stressed enough.

It’s easy to get lost in the multitude of cross-channel marketing messages and dissipate the brand voice into diverse directions. It’s the consistency that hooks, creates emotional rapport, and sells.

Confusing the customer with a different message tone sent simultaneously via two different channels, for instance, via Instagram sponsored content and via email won’t exactly result in substantial purchasing clicks. Simplicity is key. Make your customers’ lives easier and they will thank you for that by becoming loyal followers.

In this sense, it’s good to follow the practice of big brands that ingrain in customers’ heads and hearts by being consistent with voice and images over time. Sometimes, they use the same voice over months, even years, and decades.

That’s why is important to tailor your message to the relevant channel, but also layer each message in a consistent cross-channel marketing strategy. Weave a journey that won’t push your customers away only because they cannot understand what’s on offer in a specific message.

Value Your Customer More with Cross-Channel Marketing: What Gives?

Whatever best practice you adopt and apply, appreciate your customer’s time and attention. It’s thinning out as we speak – customer’s attention span is very short and often lasts less than a minute.

Value Your Customer More with Cross-Channel Marketing: What Gives?

With cross-channel marketing software that uses advanced analytical methods created by machine learning algorithms, you’ll be less of a spam impostor in your customer’s inbox and more of a creator of personalized, relatable, and educational messages.

Don’t underestimate your customers by sending too much irrelevant information, too often. Put yourself in your customer shoes and give them something valuable. Case in point, if you just released a new functionality in your software that’s a huge problem-solver for enterprises, but not so relevant for small businesses, there is no need to target small business owners by explaining the new feature in too many details.

Machines may be cold, but they are helpful, clever and hardworking. So is Frank.

Get in touch with us to learn how Frank can help you build successful cross-channel advertising campaigns.  


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